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Carpets represent a substantial investment in your household and it takes a lot of wear and tear over time. Whether it’s pets, kids, or visitors, your carpet captures all the dirt tracked into the house day after day, year after year. Keeping them clean and well maintained bring significant health benefits as well as extensively increasing the life of your carpets.

Trend Commercial Cleaning take carpet cleaning very seriously. Our carpet cleaning services help you maintain the beauty, appearance and softness of your carpet.

Our Vision is to be the best provider of steam cleaning services. We will strive to achieve this by providing a superior quality of service and the use of premium chemicals.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by understanding our clients’ need, work with them and advise them with the best solutions for their particular situations. Our strategy is to invest a lot in training our technicians and the use of high tech equipment.

Trend Commercial Cleaning is a premium quality carpet upholstery and Leather cleaning service. We promise to clean your valuables safely, quickly and professionally. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.